Wednesday, 23 November 2016

OMG a year of retirement

I've been meaning to write this post since the begining of October as this marked the end of my first  non working year. I have now been part of the retired from paid work population for just over a year. How did that happen? a full whole twelve months of not getting up at the crack of dawn to be in work for 7am. Initially before making the decision to finish completely I had toyed with the idea of taking a years sabbatical starting in October to coincide with the start of Lovejoys retirement. Oh how glad I am I decided against going down that route as I would now be back in work and knowing myself very well struggling with maintaining a contented life with Lovejoy at home.

I have had the most amazing year but boy has it flown and would I be happy about re-commencing my job? not on your life. I thought I would briefly document my first year at home mainly to show that although travel has been a big part of my year I do have other stuff going on.
My lovelies Grace and Paige

Pythagorio harbour Samos
However, the start of our first non-working year ( I've decided I don't like the word retirement I've not retired from life lol) saw us heading of to Samos with daughters and granddaughter's for a weeks relaxation. Hmm two little tots in tow not relaxing as such but great fun. The mischievous look on Paige says it all.

A selection of my cakes
Samos is the place I love to head off to whenever I can and I keep
meaning to write a post solely Samos related especially as we keep discussing ideas re how we can live there for a big chunk of the year, however pics and the odd few words will have to do for now.

Walking, cooking, playing with my grandaughters and improving my baking skills is the order of the day when at home. We have lots of National trust woodland and estates close to where we live including Hughenden Manor home to Disraeli back in the day and West Wycombe Park home to the Dashwood family famous for  the Hell Fire caves. Lovejoy and I actually got married in the house at West Wycombe park.

A trip to Somerset House and first time ice skating

Baby shower cake

Frozen Elsa cake

Trips this first non-working year included a city break to
Budapest for Lovejoys Birthday in December, two weeks in the sun in Mexico in February, six weeks Greek Island hopping through the summer followed by a week in Gran Canaria again with daughters and granddaughters. We then decided to head back to Samos in September with various UK trips in-between.

House renovations and a brand new baby granddaughter round off this first year at home (or not) lol.

A few pics to illustrate my year        

Pregnant Holly with Paige in Gran Canaria
Lovejoy me and Holly at my Niece's wedding in December

My big four and my little two at my son Tim's wedding. 

out for a stroll in our gorgeous woods

The things we Oldies do, all dressed up with Grace and Paige for Halloween
Hallowen witch I like this look
i'm keeping it lol
Our 2016 Halloween display

Beautiful Samos view with Turkey in the background
I have had the most amazing year and although we have spent a fair amount of money on our travel this is the main reason I decided to finish work early.
I want to see and do as much as I can while I
still have the inclination and energy to do so and before our money runs out lol . Plenty of time for an allotment and chickens in the future I'm just not quite ready yet.

Next year I think I'm going to take some computer lessons I just can't align these photos up properly hey ho it will have to do.
Sea horse found on beach in Samos (not lol) looks like
one though don't you think?

Two Peas in a pod Paige and Priya
Baby Priya

And to top of the most fabulous year the arrival of my new granddaughter Priya who is just beautiful born on the 28th October.

We are very hands on grandparents and because Holly is in her final year at Uni we find these two beauties and Gracie at our house a great deal.

I was anxious at first that taking extended trips would upset me too much I think I thought that they would forget me but although they all miss us when we're away they don't forget us and we all slip back to normal when we're home and
anyway we won't be doing extended trips forever and at least we will hopefully have lots of exciting tales to tell them when they're older and we have succumbed to staying home and growing our own veg.

Mind you my lovely mum who will be 87 next birthday has spent most of this summer in Puglia with her Italian boyfriend ( I kid you not) so I hope I'm still tripping about for a while longer yet dependent on finances of course, I may have to get a job lol.

Well this is just a snippet of what my first non-working year has been about however, ive not

mentioned blogging. Although I don't post as regularly as I'd like I do read and comment on lots of fabulous blogs and I love it. I've really learned a lot this past year from you bloggers out there including how to be more frugal and how to be more adventurous when styling my clothes. Here's to the second non-working year.